The issue of smoking has affected so many people in this country; we find that so many people both young and old, are wasting away their great lives due to the smoking of cigarettes and mostly, the tobacco smoking. Some of them try to stop this behavior because they have come to the realization that it is clearly affecting their lives in a negative manner, but it seems very tough for them to do so since this addiction has caught up even their character, so all this is not a simple thing for them to adopt and maintain.


A scientist from China has come to bring forth an invention that has contributed so much to the world and many smokers of tobacco cigarettes. The invention of electronic cigarette is the one that has helped a huge number of the tobacco cigarettes smokers all the same. Electronic cigarettes are a type of cigarette which may not have nicotine but on the other hand, incorporate an electronic liquid which is burnt in the device holding the cigarette and also which has the charging component. Vaping is the act of smoking electronic cigarettes. However, it has been proved that these cigarettes are quite cheaper than the traditional tobacco cigarettes.


In the same way, these electronic cigarettes although not completely proven to be health safe, they have been said to be safer in that their effects on the human bodies are slower and the only effect so now known, is only an irritation in the throat whatsoever. Many tobacco cigarettes smokers have turned over to use these electronic cigarettes because they help one to quit smoking if at all, he/ she wishes to. This kind of cigarettes which are new to the market and also to the end consumers have also saved on the cost used to acquire them, in that they are even cheaper than the first tobacco cigarette.



It is a new product all the same and the emergence of a new e cig juice product in a market, no matter which market it is, brings along about certain implications or even challenges and that is why some of the countries have not yet finished debating on whether this new kind of product, which is electronic cigarettes, should be constituted in their respective legislation or their laws. Many have embraced this new form of a cigarette and say it is helping quit smoking all the same, so those who wish to quit should make their move and see what is best for them and what can help them out no matter what.